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Once the deal made, the shipment of the cargo will be dispatched immediately. This includes ensuring proper control of the goods to the point of loading, negotiating shipping contracts and freight rates. The cost of Logistic services is included in the final price of the goods ensuring that customers will be fully satisfied.


We undertake the packing, the loading of the container, the inland transportation from the place/s of origin (factory/ies or warehouse/s) to the port of loading and the Customs Clearing along with all the required local formalities and requirements.

Carriage by Sea

Prior the loading of the goods onto the ship, our Company manages for their Sea Freight and monitors thoroughly the progress of loading and transportation of the goods by sea.

Customs Clearing & On-Carriage

Once the cargo has already arrived at the port of destination and has been already discharged from the ship onto the port facilities, then we undertake their Customs Clearing and the delivery of the container to our Customer facilities.

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